Mark Martinho and Vabrato license plate THERE4U

“I’m here to offer you the level of assistance you need & desire.”

Some people need very little help, others need me to do it all for them and write the checks. Whatever you need, I have the resources.

Here are the huge benefits of the “THERE4U” Assistance Program:

  • FREE: This service is free.
  • YOUR BUDGET: You and I simply discuss the possibilities and agree upon a budget.
  • YOUR SCHEDULE: We will work out a schedule that serves your goals.
  • FREE LOAN: I will write the checks to the service providers and will be reimbursed through escrow when the home is sold. You are not charged interest or fees, only the funds paid out for agreed upon services.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: I will manage and follow up with the work being done at the property to make sure all is going according to plan and keep you in the loop if you’re not living there.

Sample Results from THERE4U

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Kitchens are often the center of a home and critically important to buyers. We make them shine.

Living & Family Rooms are likewise an opportunity to make a great impression on buyers and should be upgraded to show off your home. We create bright warm environments.

Bathrooms are extremely personal rooms for buyers and we make these spaces feel clean, safe, and attractive for them.

Yards need to be attractive and possess some color. Whether it’s the front or back, buyers like like their homes turnkey inside and out.