“At Your Service”

Living Room: Older home in San Carlos that had not been updated in decades. We removed carpets, refinished hardwood floor, painted some walls, updated lights, updated the fireplace place and the result was quite stunning.

“At Your Service”

Many times part of my job is not just to sell a home, but to give it the best bang for the buck upgrade possible before going to market. This is a great stress relieving service for clients. Many of my clients move out and leave furniture and junk behind, wish me luck, and laugh as they drive away. I simply smile, roll up my sleeves and get to work!

Here are the huge benefits of the “At Your Service” assistance program:

  • This service is free.
  • You and I simply discuss the possibilities and agree upon a budget and schedule.
  • I front the funds. I will write the checks to the service providers and will be reimbursed through escrow when the home is sold.
  • I can either select service providers for you or can use any favorites you have.
  • I manage and follow up with the work being done at the property to make sure all is going according to plan.
  • No interest or fees. I do not charge interest on the funds fronted nor extra fees for managing the upgrades for you.

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Some other Happily Ever Afters…

Kitchen & Bath Updates
This was a large home in San Carlos that had been a bit of a time capsule. Kitchen cabinets were painted, new counter tops, new appliances and backslash and the kitchen joined the 21st century. The bathroom was completely ripped out, new cabinets, counter tops, lighting, etc.

Kitchen & Living Room Updates
This was a condo that had also suffered some deferred maintenance. Full kitchen upgrade, new flooring and paint made the place much more inviting.

A house in Belmont that was also very tired looking. We pulled up carpets, added new lighting, painted the place, and refreshed the landscaping.

Living Room & Backyard Updates

Update Everything!!!
A very old and tired home in need of much love. Took out the entire kitchen, including the wall and added all new cabinets, counters tops, lighting, and appliances. Bathrooms were redone as well as updates to the remainder of the home.

Exterior Upgrades
We did quite inside this house, but the exterior was the biggest alteration. We landscaped an out of control front and backyard, the results was fantastic.