What’s this Blog About?

No bones about it, this is a very eclectic Blog.

I’m a small business owner (an independent real estate broker) and for most of us there is no distinction between personal and professional time – it all just flows together and so does this blog. So here I will blog about real estate and my local community, but I will also write about much more.

Real Estate Info

This Blog has local general real estate information, trends, stats, and other related stories. I also include some international real estate stories that I believe to be entertaining.

Community Info

I also post information about local events and trends around the Bay Area which impact our lives.

The Newsletter, Life & Rants

So a few years ago I began writing a monthly newsletter for my clients and friends (they are really one and the same). This newsletter has some local real estate information, but I typically include some unrelated zany stories about life and rants because it would otherwise get really boring. So I will post those stories here plus the real estate information.

Why Life is Great Blog

Like many of you out there, I’m a fairly busy person that is extremely grateful for my wonderful life and my family; although the family thing is sometimes a challenge! I thought I was doing well and aging gracefully, but I guess there are family members who beg to differ.

On my 50th birthday my son gave me a 60th Birthday card. When I told him it was 50, he looked at me and said, “Oh, wow! Really? All that happened in only 50 years? I gotta take better care of myself so the same thing doesn’t happen to me!” Precious!

Anyway, a couple years ago I decided to begin each day by coming up with a new reason for why life is great. Besides family and friends, it is often mundane and boring small things that really bring me happiness.

The Big Important things that make my Life Great!

Originally I was just going to journal something (I’m told that’s a thing – journaling) on a notebook each morning. However, the day after I decided to do this for myself, my daughter called and upon learning what I was up to, she wanted in on the reasons why life is great. She was a struggling college student at the time and needed the encouragement.

My son likewise is driven and idealistic. My wife and I are very proud of him and his commitment to living a meaningful life and making the planet a better place. I couldn’t have dreamed of having better children or spouse.

So, I decided to create a blog to remind all of us Why Life is Great and that we should never lose sight of all the simple wonders around us.

Then a few folks heard about it and wanted in too, so it became a thing for a very small group of people.

And so here we are, at the Vabrato Life Blog. The simple truth is that my business was already a very personal thing; clients are really friends and I got tired of trying to manage different blogs and Facebook pages, etc. This Blog is the consolidation of my digital life. For better or worst, I hope somebody gets some enjoyment out of it.