About this Website/Blog

Not your typical real estate business website,
but then I’m not your typical Realtor!

This website & Blog is a mix of business and personal information because the two have become indistinguishable in my life. I live and am my business.

Part of the reason for this merger of personal and professional time is because I always tell clients to contact me anytime, I’d rather answer a late night call then have a client unable to sleep due to a nagging question on their minds. Also, majority of my clients become friends, I’m not suggesting you need more friends, but invariably relationships and bonds form.

What this means is that there is no distinction between my personal and professional life anymore. Therefore, while I take my professional conduct very seriously, the blog part of this site also includes silly and often positive personal life stories because I’m a fan of laughter, celebrating life, and optimism. That is who you will be working with should you decide to hire me, so you might as well know this upfront, after all the adult you’ll be dealing with was once the little guy below.