About Vabrato Real Estate

Vabrato's principles are simple - we are dedicated to providing clients around San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties quality and flexible professional real estate services. Basically, treat people the way we like to be treated. This philosophy has led to a high rate of client satisfaction - well over 90% of our business comes from referrals.

As a company, Vabrato also prides itself on its extensive San Mateo County real estate market knowledge and its professional marketing strategies. These are the skills that makes Vabrato successful in assisting clients with their real estate endeavors.

At Vabrato we do our own extensive real estate market research to better understand local trends. This extra effort to better understand our real estate market enables us to better advise our clients with their real estate transactions. We are a local real estate business, we earn our income on the SF Peninsula and spend it too instead of being siphoned off to some mega corporation in another state. 

About Our Name

The name Vabrato is based on an ancient and archaic Portuguese word that has the same roots as Vibrato. Whereas 'Vibrato' is defined as:

"a pulsating effect in an instrumental or vocal tone produced by slight and rapid variations in pitch "

'Vabrato' referred to:

"precise and calculated adjustments in strategy pertaining to both war and business."


Today, the word Vabrato is often erroneously used in place of Vibrato. The real word Vabrato however, all but disappeared from the written or oral vernacular nearly 400 years ago and it is next to impossible to find accurate references to it.

Mark ventured across the name on a trip through Portugal while visiting the majestic, Castle City of Obidos in the 'Gracejo' region.

He saw the name 'Vabrato' carved on a large cobblestone in a corner of the central courtyard of Obidos. The letters were unimpressive and nearly invisible as they were extremely worn from the countless footsteps that rubbed themselves over the words through the centuries.

Upon reading them, Mark felt that there was a powerful definition behind the name Vabrato. Although fluent in Portuguese, he had never heard the word and was surprised that no one he knew had either. The mystery behind the word only made it stick in his mind that much more. Mark finally asked his father to write a Portuguese historian friend to ask if he could shed some light on what Vabrato meant.

After some months, Mark's father received a letter from his old friend. He mentioned some obscure references to it in old texts and explained to Mark's father the meaning of the word and his sadness that such a wonderful expression had been lost to time.

Upon reading the definition, Mark knew that he had the name for his business.