When we last left off, I woke up at 5AM Christmas morning and began building a Lego house, my father came to my room and told me to go back to bed. I did, but then I didn’t …

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Lesson #5: Never Give Up on Your Dream… Even it Kills You!

The construction recommenced without the proper permits from the household authorities, sadly construction sites are never quiet things. My Dad came in again, a bit more flustered this time, giving me the “Why can’t I just listen look?” He told me this was my last warning and went off to bed again and so did I. I had been shut down, given a very clear cease construction order. My brother slept through all of this.

I tried so, so hard to stay in bed, but by 6AM the unauthorized construction has resumed, there were still no permits for this project and I knew full well that the full force of the law was going to come down on me any moment, but I pushed forward nonetheless at a frantic pace because I knew my time on this earth might be short and by God I wanted my eulogy to include that I had built the best Lego house ever seen by human eyes.  Maybe I could even get a Lego tombstone?

It didn’t take long, like in the movie Jurassic Park, my half-finished Lego home began shaking as the floor vibrated due to the footsteps of the approaching T-Rex. He looked down at me in completed disbelief that I was at it again. Perhaps he was confused for a moment that he had dreamt about the prior warning given to me? No, his primitive reptilian eyes could tell by my guilty look that I had been warned. 

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