When we last left off, I had stayed up until 1AM Christmas Eve and went off to bed with all my loot – too sleepy to play with any of it that night, but ….

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Lesson #4: Never give up on your Dreams!

Out of shear excitement, I woke up around 5AM on Christmas morning and couldn’t stop thinking about how I was going to make a Lego house and it was going to be so cool.  There was no sense in procrastinating, I jumped out of the queen size bed that I shared with my brother, opened the Lego box, and started snapping pieces together as my brother slept. A few minutes into building what was going to be the coolest Lego house ever, my Dad came into my room to demonstrate that he was perfectly capable of telling time, it was 5AM and I should go back to sleep. I got my marching orders, things were still on friendly terms, it was Christmas morning, the thing to do here was to listen to those whom had just bestowed gifts on me and get to bed. Of course, back then I did not know my Dad had done the bestowing, I thought it was Santa.

Anyway, as I laid in bed, I could hear the Legos calling out to me, they were telling me that the house wasn’t going to build itself.  What if I fell asleep and forgot what I wanted to build? No, this could not wait, I would start again, but this time I would snap the Legos together ever so gently so as not to wake the T-Rex. 

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