When we last left off: I had escaped an early death caused by waking my father up from his nap way too many times. This part of the story was included as background for what is to come. Now onto to Christmas.

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Lesson #3: Christmas Eve was Invented to Torture Children!

Our family celebrates Christmas, but our tradition did not fit the standard American Holiday schedule. No, in our family gifts were to be opened Christmas Eve at midnight, I suppose the first minute of Christmas Day.  This was torture and really ruined everything. For a 6-year-old, by the time midnight arrived, I had already fallen asleep multiple times and was dead tired. You’d think my Dad would understand the concept of wanting to sleep and be left alone? Anyway, the excitement of opening gifts was gone by midnight, you just wanted to rip through the boxes quickly, take a quick inventory of how well Santa treated you that year and jump into bed.

That year, the usual cruelties were played upon us children, midnight came, the inventory was taken. I was pleased that I got my first Lego set, Santa was indeed listening. It was about 1AM when the gift opening came to a close, I grabbed my pile of loot, and ran off upstairs to my bedroom and right into bed concluding that I had been a good boy that year to have gotten what I wanted! Suckers!

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