When we last left off: my siblings and I had awoken my father up too many times from his nap and he was charging like a T-Rex into the room where we were nosily playing . My brother and sister being amateur paleontologists froze in place, I being an uneducated survivalist made a run for it!

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Lesson #2: Never run from a Predator!

My dad ran right past my frozen brother and sister as if they were invisible and focused on the moving target (me). I was dumbfounded, did he not see them? I mean they were just right there, easy prey, but I did under understand paleo-biology like they did.

Still slack-jawed over what transpired and understanding that odds were now nearly 100% that I was going to be the recipient of a good tanning, I ran for my life. I managed to dive under the bed, come out the other side, then run around my father, down the stairs, out the front door, and into the sunshine. It was really a gold medal performance for running a variable obstacle course.

Once in the yard, I began thinking why we didn’t just play outside, it’s such a nice day. My siblings escaped unscathed, either they remained invisible by not moving at all or later blamed everything on me. Didn’t matter, I knew that with me out of the house, my Dad could finally take his long nap and that he would then evolve again… to at least the neanderthal stage, and all would be forgiven. God, it was so nice outside, why would anyone want to play indoors?

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