Never Too Late & The Art of Listening

I recently sold a modest home that had been in the family for over some 70 years. While I was prepping the house for market, the daughter of the original owners called to tell me how her mom use to have window planter boxes and how her mother loved those flowers. Even though those flower boxes had come down decades ago, she still had fond memories of them.

Well, that very same day, I put in an Amazon order for planter boxes, got some flowers, top soil, a drip system controller and the house once more had window planter boxes. Not only did this small gesture lift the spirits of my client, but it also truly helped add curb appeal to the house. Mom knew her house needed flowers sprouting from window planter boxes. Sure, my client only had those planter boxes back on the family home for a few weeks, but she truly enjoyed that the home was sold with some semblance of what mom loved.

The moral here is the art of listening to people and not dismissing or glossing over conversations. While I already had an entire prep plan for this home, a small addition to it made for a very happy client and a more appealing home.

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