What Happened to Customer Service?

I’m going on a big tirade about customer service! It’s really declining and I’ve just reached a point where I just can’t ignore it and pretend everything is ok. It’s not! Now, I’m in real estate sales so this will sound self-serving, but it’s honestly not meant to be! When I get a new client, I am thrilled to have the business and try never to let my clients forget that I am grateful to have their business. I never forget that my family’s well being is a result of my clients’ generosity. However, lately I feel like Mugato and that I must be the only one on crazy pills.

I feel like Grumpy Cat has take over the business world

In the past couple months I’ve been to several paint stores and each time the people behind the counter act as if I’m just interrupting their day by coming in there and giving them business. Likewise, I was at a local restaurant and the person behind the counter is talking to his buddies at the bar and moving around a bit, but not a single, “Hi, thanks for coming in, I’ll be with you in just a minute.” Nope! When the guy finally looks at us, it was more a “what do you want” full of distain. This same thing happens to me at the post office; a government entity that is supposed to be financially self-sustaining. I spend thousands of dollars with them mailing things, but when I bring in my mailers, they are annoyed that I’m bringing them so much to mail. Really? Yesterday I went to get a haircut, the lady asks me what I want, I tell her exactly what I want, and she precedes to give me the haircut she wants which does not coincide with what I described. Yes, I got upset and for the first time left without giving the person a generous tip.

I know you’re thinking that maybe it’s me? I am just annoying. While you might be right, many of these instances occurred the first time I met most of these people or even said anything. Of course, it could also be that as employees these people are not well treated by their employer. However, that should not matter, then their employer should be concerned about customer service and either train or treat their employees better.

While I’d like to be able to boycott businesses that seem to lack customer service, how can you boycott the post office? Is the answer to remind people to act a bit friendlier, that I’m the customer? I do try to be friendly to them, ask them how their day is going, etc., but this often makes no different, it just seems to annoy them that much more. Is this a symptom of the stress of living in the Bay Area? I can’t believe that. I think it’s a symptom of a loss of gratitude, so many people today fail to take inventory of what they have and instead always focus on what they want and feel they lack. This insatiable desire for more can only result in misery for the person and those around them.  

I’m not sure I have an answer yet for how to deal with this lack of common courtesy for another human being and customer, but I certainly going to give it some thought. I’m not asking to have my *ss kissed when I visit a business, I just want to feel welcomed is all.

Is this really so hard? To be genuinely happy to have someone come in to your business?

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  1. Well said Mr. Martinho! It baffles me how customer service has declined. Especially in the food industry where tips can totally make a servers day do much nicer in the end. And really isn’t it just nice. to feel better at the end of the day to have maybe made someone smile or just brightened up someone’s day in even a small way.

    1. I agree and it does go both ways of course, I deserve good customer service but I also need to reciprocate by treating the person well and rewarding them.

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