THIS JUST SEEMS WRONG: Motion-detecting Fishing Reel pings your phone when Fish Bite

In my youth I use to love fishing, maybe a little too much, but those are stories for another time.

I think part of why I loved it was not related to catching fish, but what it meant to go fishing. I’d often wake up before dawn and find a nice secluded fishing spot before dawn. I’d drink some coffee and watch the sunrise and the color of the water change to match the sun and sky as time passed. I’d hear the sound of nature around me; birds, frogs, insects, and whatever that stirred in the bushes nearby.

I’d cast a line into the water, watch the ripples dissipate, and held the pole as it was an extension of my arms. My hands gently gripped the wood pole handle and I would wait for that small tug signaling that a fish was toying with the bait. I was like a spider, vigilantly waiting for a vibration in my web. It was about being in the moment, a time to ponder and be lost in nature.

Holding a Smart in my hand is NOT the fishing experience I’d like to have.

So, 7 years ago this company created a motion detector-equipped fishing rod that sounds an alarm when a fish hits the lure. Now, that same company has a fishing reel that alerts anglers via their smartphone when something tugs at the hook. The reel has a Bluetooth sensor and a USB-rechargeable battery. When a fish strikes, a Bluetooth signal is sent to the user’s smartphone. The accompanying app also lets users record the GPS coordinates of catches. This gizmo can be yours for $120.

To me though this just seems to destroy the fishing experience, might as well just be playing with a fishing video game and save myself stinky bait hands. However, we do love our smartphones, I suspect there will plenty of people out there that might love this new gizmo.

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