FLINTSTONES HOME in Hillsborough AND Malibu!

Flintstone House in Hillbrough

So the “Flintstones” home in Hillsborough has been on the news quite a bit lately because of the town’s issues with the current owner. However, there’s an even more Flintstones like home in Malibu California.

It appears that celebrity Dick Clark has a thing for the Flintstones and he built himself a Flintstones home. This 1 bedroom ,2 bath cave could have been yours, it came up for sale in 2012 for $3.5m and finally sold in 2014 for only $1.78m. The Malibu home though was not as bright nor has the dinosaurs of the Hillsborough property, but maybe it should too!

The Story is that Dick Clark originally just wanted to build a home on the 23 acre parcel, but the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy did not want anything built there. The architect Phillip Jon Brown came up with the idea of a house that looked like a rock formation, the park conservancy liked the concept and approved it. The cool thing is that they adopted the theme and ran with it inside the home also.

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