POLITICS: It’s getting Bad enough to cause People to Move!

A story a couple days ago written by Louis Hansen from the Orange County Register (see link below) tells that people with conservative views from all over California (Bay Area included) are moving out of State to find like minded communities. Conservatives in liberal centers find it to be a hostile environment and dislike many of the laws (gun control, etc.) plus higher State taxes. This is a sad state of affairs if the hostility between opposing political views is reaching a point where we can’t even stand to live with one another.

Soap Box Time

Living in what you feel to be a hostile environment can’t be pleasant, but it seems that isolating ourselves from one another is not an answer either. Commingling is the only way for people with opposing political views to connect and perhaps try to compromise with one another. If we isolate ourselves in different geographies it just starts feeling like we’re headed for another Civil War? While I don’t believe that will happen, I’m always cognizant of Heinlein’s observation.

Never underestimate the power of humanity stupidity.

Robert A. Heinlein


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