NEW CAT? But Should Vegans have Carnivorous Pets?

So our cat Gary went to feline heaven about 3 years ago and my family is pressuring me to adopt a new cat. They know that I’m very susceptible to peer pressure and fashion trends. Anyway, the family enjoyed having a cat and if they’re distracted by it then maybe they won’t gang up on me as much? However, I’m left with the question about feeding the cat? Some of my family members are vegan and I’m a transitional vegetarian (I try but fall off the wagon allot) because I’m not a big fan of factory animal farming.

I get piercing vegan looks from a family member when I eat something with cheese, eggs or meat, but if we get a cat then we will be purchasing all the yummy food flavors for it: chicken,  tuna,  dolphin, mountain gorilla, etc. 

Maybe we should be considering getting a bunny instead of a cat? Bunnies are vegan, except when they eat their young, which is something I can sympathize with sometimes. I understand that while cute, a bunny is not as precocious as a kitty, so maybe my kids can put some of that expensive extra-crispy college genetic knowledge that my wife and I paid for and splice something together for themselves? Call it a Cabbit. Part cat, but with the digestive system of a rabbit and those adorable bunny ears, and not one bit creepy!

Probably best to also purchase a Holy Hand Grenade in case something goes horribly wrong with this sci-fi bunny.

Dr. Monroe in Redwood City

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