Today we will keep things on the lighter side. I always enjoy when the flowers in my yard begin to bloom. This February I had an interesting surprise that made Life Great; daffodils came up! The reason this was a pleasant surprise is because a friend gave me some bulbs a couple years ago and I planted them immediately in my front yard, but nothing ever came up.

I thought those things somehow got destroyed, were eaten by something, or otherwise decided not to cooperate. I almost felt guilty, I had told my friend where I had planted the bulbs and I believe that she was thinking that I lied about ever planting them. I guess those daffodils were just lazy or procrastinating. Anyway, seeing these little guys come up was a delightful and welcome surprise during these darker winter days.

A little added bonus, my orchid also just bloomed. I know you can buy these any day of the week, but I’ve had this one several years and I think it’s always so cool when it blooms.

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