Dante’s 10th Circle: For RoboCallers!

Sorry but this is a major repeated rant!

If Dante were alive today he would have added a 10th circle to his Inferno for Robocallers or lying telemarketers. Perhaps he never would have finished his Divine Comedy due to all the phone call interruptions from numbers that look eerily familiar. Remember how Samuel Coleridge never finished Kubla Khan because he was interrupted by a knock at the door! How many masterpieces have robocallers destroyed with their constant interruptions?

Because of daily Robocalls it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want to answer my phone.

Is this who’s calling me?

Yes, I’m on the ‘do not call’ registry, even though by law people are not suppose to be soliciting your cell phone I still get calls daily! Yes, I’ve pushed the #2 many times to be removed from the callers do not call list and yet still get calls from the same robot! And WHY am I also getting Chinese language robocalls? I hate these people!

Now, I’m not a cruel man, so I don’t think that the people behind the robocalls should suffer for eternity. I think that if these robocallers/telemarketers have committed no other crimes, then I am a lenient man, these corrupt souls should be offered a chance at redemption.  They should have to perform tedious tasks correctly while their phones constantly ring, the caller will always be the devil pretending to be a telemarketer trying to sell them incendiary products (things they do not need in hell). Now somewhere between 1-3 trillion phone calls, there will be a single robocall, in a language not spoken by the person being punished, and if they correctly push the complicated phone tree options, they will be released from hell without the ability to ever speak again. If they not do answer correctly, then they will never know that they missed their one opportunity and will continue on for eternity thinking that maybe the next call is the one that will release them!

Of course this also makes me think that maybe realtors are not appreciated by society; we are salespeople too! Shoot, maybe I’m already dead and the robocalls are my punishment? “Oh look, a call from a local number, maybe that’s a new client looking to purchase a large home? Hooray! Let me answer that!”  And the phone says, “你想买保险吗 ….”

Frustrated in Redwood City

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