NOVOCAINE! Things would be so so bad without it!

So I’m going in for some dental work today. This post is a big mixed bag of emotions because I imagine life being so much worse without dentists being around, but while I’m sitting in their chair, I can’t imagine life actually being worse. Therefore, I’m not ready to say dentists make life great, but I will recognize that Novocaine makes Life Great!

Sure it makes me feel like my lips are 10 times their normal size and it causes me to suffer the indignity of drooling all over myself without even feeling it run down my chin, but despite Novocaine’s embarrassing side effects, I welcome it! Ever tried to get dental work done without it? I have and still often do and regret it 99% of the time. So, here is a great big thank you to German chemist, Alford Einhorn for inventing Novocaine in 1905.

Alright, I’m also going to recognize that not being born anytime before the late 1800s makes Life Great too. Sounds like from the Ontario Dental Association picture above that the dentist was also the village blacksmith? I think that my dentist might still practice a little blacksmithing on the side and occasionally (when I’m there) he brings his hobby to work!

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