IT’S MY BIRTHDAY: My Special Day!

So I should probably be writing about how Valentine’s Day is great, but today is my birthday so I’ll write what I want to! Yes, I was born on Valentine’s Day and I like to pretend that everyone is out at restaurants all happy and giddy because they are celebrating my awesome birthday. Of course, all these people know that I like my space and privacy, so they don’t approach me out of respect.

I’m actually not a person that likes to make a big deal out of birthdays, but they do make you feel special…older too.

Your birthday is your easiest day, a day to celebrate you and the only thing you’ve had to achieve for this celebration is to remain alive for the date – can’t get much easier than that! Although, I guess this can be an big achievement as you get way older. Also, don’t ruin it by reflecting on what little you’ve achieved so far in life! Stay focused, it’s your special day and not your annual job review. Anyway, I believe that birthdays make Life Great, they are a special day just for you! Celebrate them, celebrate yourself, celebrate your life!

While we’re discussing my birthday, I also want to make it known that a friend gave me the key ring to the right. If anyone out there feels like the key ring is missing a little something to go with it, feel free to make the purchase on my behalf and drive it over.

My favorite color is red

and convertibles are preferred.

I don’t know why but it feels a little creepy that my Google search page says Happy Birthday to me. I like the attention from friends and family, but Google?

I hope that I’m not being too self indulgent, but on the off chance, that you did not know that it was my birthday today and are living under the impression that it’s merely Valentine’s Day, then I wish you a great day. I hope that you have love in your life, whether it’s from a significant other, friends, family, cats, a cause in your life, whatever. Just something that lifts your heart and brings you happiness.

Celebrating a Birthday in Redwood city

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