NEVER Stop Being a Kid at Heart!

I got really lucky to have met this great family some years back and eventually went on to represent them in buying a home. I really enjoyed these folks, but sadly their sense of humor and movie preferences were very similar to my own – that’s just not right! I had allot of fun working with them and still really enjoy their friendship to this day.

Anyway, they purchased a large home with the intent to do some renovations. Sometime later (way too long for their liking) when the house was almost completed, they invited me over to look at the changes. They asked me to stand by the front door with my eyes closed so they could open the doors and do the big reveal. The picture above (minus the emoji faces on the kids) was what I saw when I opened my eyes.

I stood their for a few seconds as my brain tried to make sense of what it was seeing.

My brain understood the individual concepts of a “grand foyer” and “playground slide” but it could not put them together immediately. After a few seconds I finally understood what I was looking at. I just thought that this is what a ‘home’ is suppose to be; a place to enjoy and make memories that decades later still make you grin. The owners are big kids at heart and I think their kids are really lucky to have such parents; except for the sense of humor and movie preferences of course. Anyway, for me this was one of those experiences that made Life Great and I’m lucky to know such fun people.

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