This post is really just an excuse to use this photo, which I love.

It’s probably like a Rorschach test, you see what you want to see. To me it says “Whoa, stop right there!” Now, you could externalize it and assume the squirrel is trying to stop something outside himself or internalize it and assume the squirrel is trying to stop himself from eating a huge, fattening acorn cake and talking to himself.

Some of you are probably thinking that the squirrel is screaming out, “Wait right there, is that vegan?”

I prefer to believe that the little furry guy is talking to himself and this leads me to thinking about self control. Life is great when we feel in control, like we are masters of our own bodies, but life is also great when you occasionally give in. That huge meal and desert is not always a mistake, sometimes it’s a well deserved and memorable indulgence that will in all likelihood result in a soar tummy.  I prefer to think that the little guy first said, “No way am I going to eat that whole thing!” And then minutes later he is ashamed of himself because that’s him below! I say the little guy should forgive himself for occasionally completely loosing it! Maybe this happened during a squirrel holiday? It certainly happened to me last night – those cheeks are my waistline!

Not-so-Disciplined in Redwood City